Yolo Idol

Date: Aug 17, 2017
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2017 Yolo County Fair

“Memories, Music & Mooves”

Yolo Idol Contest

August 17th, 2017

We are now accepting applications for Yolo Idol 2017!

There will be plenty of competition this year for those candidates chosen to perform so it’s imperative to get your application in as early as possible. To enhance your chances of being chosen to compete, please include a video or audio file (or a link to YouTube or Facebook) so that we can better appreciate your talent. For those without smart phones or for the “technologically challenged”, another way to secure your spot is to submit your application ASAP and then come to our “warm up” audition at the Tomato Festival in Woodland, Saturday August 12th at 10 am (in front of Mojo’s on First street!)

This will give you a chance to rehearse (if you have already submitted your application), or audition your special talent for the first time.

We are still allowing people to play their instruments if they’d like instead of using a karaoke track! You can also perform an original song if you prefer! Allowing you to perform with an instrument proved to be an exciting addition last year but of course, this is still a singing competition and karaoke tracks are still more than happily accepted!

Don’t miss this years Yolo Idol contest on Thursday night, August 17th!!!

If you would like to sign up, in advance, for these years Tomato Festival try outs, please text or call Ericka Davis at 530-383-2199

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