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Entertainment - Just the FAQ's


Frequently asked questions of The Yolo County Fair’s Entertainment Director, Marty DeAnda

Q Were you excited to see The Yolo County Fair recognized as one of Yolo County’s top live entertainment venues in 2016?

A Of course! Last year for the first time, we were honored to be chosen runner up for “Best Live Entertainment” in Yolo County. The entire Entertainment team worked hard to bring some pretty amazing talent to last years fair. It pleases me to no end so see folks actually coming to The Yolo County Fair specifically to see the artists vs. seeing the artists because they were already at the fair.

Q What is your goal in 2017?

A The only goal we can have…to be considered the best venue for live entertainment in Yolo County! Our slogan this year is “Going For #1”.

Q How will you accomplish this lofty goal?

A It’s never an easy task, but we have started early this year, researching and looking for the finest local, regional and touring acts we can find. We will have more variety, quality acts and creative themes this year than ever before!

Q How do you choose the performers each year?

A We first start at home, Yolo County, and try and bring in as many local artists as we can who can deliver a dynamic show and bring a crowd. It is imperative that we continue to provide entertainment that draw new fans to our fair to spread the overall awareness of this great event. Once we have worked through qualified Yolo County candidates we then go after regional artists and touring bands. To have the best shot at being chosen your band will need to submit at least 9 months prior to The Yolo County Fair. This year we are looking at some great regional country acts that are local, regional and even one from Nashville!

Q Yolo Idol has become one of the fair’s continuing successes, drawing huge crowds every year. Are there any new changes in 2017?

A Yes, we have and continue to make changes to provide our local entrants with the opportunity to truly show their talent. We now are allowing local talent to use an instrument (which may give them an opportunity to show a deeper level of skill); we are considering “live Karaoke” and we may even have some live “auditions” just like the real Idol shows. We still want to keep it simple, fun and always local!

Q Why do you think “Hometown Heroes” has become so popular in such a short time?

A We view Hometown Heroes as a natural “second step” after Yolo Idol for all those involved. It’s a true, old-fashioned Battle Of The Bands. It gives artists with Yolo County ties a chance to perform with their bands that are just beginning and need exposure to really move forward. That is why the judging panel is comprised of only people who can help these artists take the next step in their careers. Judges are from TV, Booking Agents, Media and skilled music related vendors.

Q So since you are “Going For #1” in 2017 what type of changes and improvements do you envision?

A We are always trying to improve. This year we will have more themed stages and a greater variety of artists. We will also continue to improve our stages, sound and hospitality to encourage quality artists to want to perform here. Along with our traditional Yolo Idol/Hometown Heroes night, Country night and Oldies night, we will celebrate with some new themes: “Girls Rock”, “Generation Next”…a celebration of youth” and “Friday Night Dance Party”. There is more, but I think I’ll save a few surprises for later!

Q What is you overall vision of entertainment for The Yolo County Fair into the future?

A We intend to keep growing, adding bigger and better acts as we can. We look forward to making Yolo Idol and Hometown Heroes even more accessible to local performers, but most of all, we just want to help make The Yolo County Fair a great experience for all members of the family from youngsters to Great Grandparents. We want to be #1!

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