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Entertainment - Just the FAQ's

Frequently asked questions of The Yolo County Fair’s Entertainment Director, Marty DeAnda

Q Last year was the second year in a row in which The Yolo County Fair was voted runner up for Yolo County’s Best Live Entertainment Venue. Your so close to being #1, what is it that will take you over the top in 2018?

A It’s always an honor to be voted as one of the best in Yolo County, but being chosen “The Best” would make this year a special one. The entire Entertainment team work’s hard to provide top-flight entertainment in a family atmosphere for everyone. To be fair, although we are proud of our efforts, we could not have achieved our goals without the faith and continued support of The Yolo County Fair’s CEO Rita Moore, who has given me the opportunity and freedom to continue making The Yolo County Fair Entertainment a top-notch event. This year we have truly stepped up the caliber of entertainment and comfort for the crowds. It pleases me to no end that folks are actually coming to The Yolo County Fair to see the artists vs. seeing the artists because they were already at the fair.

Q What is your goal in 2018?

A The only goal we can have…to be considered the BEST venue for live entertainment in Yolo County and for giving our friends and families the greatest five days of music ever!

Q How do you choose the performers each year?

A We always start at home, Yolo County. We combine that mix of talent with regional touring acts to provide experience and celebrity along with a few major touring acts to give the music fest a real sense of “credibility.” We expect our performers to draw large crowds and provide a top-flight performance. We use the advice of many regional booking agents to provide fresh talent and insight. We have also gotten on the national radar for talent agencies as I was contacted by 25 different agencies this year from all over the country “pitching” their acts. To be chosen for The Yolo County Fair, a band will need to submit their application at least 9 months prior to The Yolo County Fair.

Q Thursday Night's Event with the local competitions have become two of the Fair’s biggest crowd pleasers drawing crowds. Why do these two events continue to grow bigger every year?

A As the skill set of the local entries have grown, we have grown with them. Each year we keep improving the selection process, the panel of judges and our-over all presentation. We now allow local talent to use an instrument (which may give them an opportunity to show a deeper level of skill) as well as use their own self-written tunes. We also provide a performance stage at The Woodland Tomato Festival where last minute applicants can do a live auditions just like the real TV Voice COmpetitions.

Always fun and always local!

Hometown Heroes has taken on a life of it’s own and we feel it provides a real service to struggling young musical talent in our county by providing judges who are actual music judges, press, agents TV and fellow musicians. The chosen panel is the perfect catalyst to take a new talent and transform them (via Hometown Heroes) into credible performing bands, in many cases offering them a well-deserved break into the business. This year we actually have one whole day of music on The PG&E stage that features past winners of Hometown Heroes. So we are now providing credible fair entertainment that is not only “Hometown”, but also Home Grown!

Q What is you overall vision of entertainment for The Yolo County Fair into the future?

A We intend to keep growing, improving AND winning. We want to make our local talent and Hometown Heroes even more accessible to local performers throughout the different and various cities of Yolo County.

Most importantly we want to continue to make The Yolo County Fair the greatest annual experience for all members of the family, from youngsters to Great Grandparents.

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