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Home Town Heroes

Home Town Heroes 2019

Home Town Heroes 2019

Hometown Heroes: Battle of the Bands 2019

After a hugely successful debut in 2015, Hometown Heroes: Battle of the Bands” returns once again, directly after the local talent competition on Thursday August 15 th, 2019.

Four bands representing cities of Yolo County have been handpicked to face off in a “Battle of the Bands” exhibition.

“Exposure is the key to launching a musical career and the Yolo County Fair hometown crowd will certainly provide that,” said Entertainment Director Marty DeAnda.

The talent show provides the first step for talented locals to show their skills. Now Hometown Heroes will provide an avenue for local talent to take their careers to the next level. We want to help!”

As they did last year DeAnda and team leader, Ericka Davis decided to put the “complicated part” — selecting the bands — into their own hands by checking websites, Facebook pages, local concerts and YouTube videos searching for local performers making the next step in their careers.

Each band will perform for 15 minutes beginning at 9 p.m., and will receive input and commentary from the judges. Winners will be chosen based on fan participation, originality, appearance and musicianship.

The top band will receive $250 in cash, a paid performance at the 2020 Yolo County Fair, and an opening spot at a show in Sacramento and local press.

The runner up will walk away with $150 in cash, a paid performance at the 2020 Yolo County Fair and local press.

Good Day Sacramento’s Cambi Brown, will be broadcasting live from the Yolo County Fair, with possible segments to follow on the morning program (CBS 13).

“We’re trying to inspire the talent to think, hey, we can be some kind of factor in the music scene,” said DeAnda.

“If you are one of Yolo County’s talented new acts, or know someone who is, please contact us via the Yolo County FaceBook Page or the Yolo County Fair website,” said DeAnda. “Let us help you make your musical dreams come true.”

Master of Ceremonies

Ericka Davis

Kiss ‘N Tell

Hometown Heroes Panel of Judges

Jerry Perry

Alive & Kicking

Chris Macias

Sacramento Music Journalist

Myki Angeline

Sacramento Promoter

Journalist and Podcaster

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