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Private Event - Rental Form

Invitation only event

Private Event - Facility Rental Form

This form is a request for a rental and that the completion of this form does not guarantee my rental of the requested facility. I have read and fully comprehend the facility rules and regulations. Requests are subject to approval based on date and facility availability as well as appropriate and compatible facility use.

The Yolo County Fairgrounds has 55 acres of open spaces, buildings, and RV hook ups to meet the needs of meetings, conferences, parties, weddings/receptions, conventions, BBQs, festivals, and public events.

Staff will be happy to give you a tour of the buildings or other sites that interest you.
The deposit fee is required to reserve the building (hold the date). In the event of a cancellation, $250 is a non refundable.

Rental time
If the event is canceled less than 4 month (120 days) prior to the event date, the entire deposit is forfeited. Additional fees may be assessed because of damage and/or additional time for clean up by staff.

No alcohol is allowed at events for persons under 21 years of age, unless prior arrangements have been made with management and additional fees have been paid*.

Security guards are required for all private and public events. Security contracts are due no later than 30 days prior to your event. If any changes are made to the contract the Fairgrounds must be notified within 24 hours. Each venue has a set number of guards, but more maybe asked for at the discretion of management at any time

*Additional fees will apply.

We’re here to help make your event or activity a successful one.

Personal Information

or Organization

Alternate Contact

First and Last

Event Date

If the First Choice date is not available
You will be allowed to set up ONE day before your event unless otherwise noted.
Day before event setup times (8:00am - 5:00pm)



General Liability is required for all events and MUST be purchased
Insurance Information



Additional Information

For any other questions in regards to the rentals
ONE additional security guard is required where alcohol is served at events for 21 years and under.
All events require security guards from the following approved list.

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