Yolo County Fair is the largest and oldest free gate fair in California.

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Become a Volunteer & Supporter

The Yolo County Fair, you might ask. Well, we have great big plans and ideas, but we need supporters and volunteers. We put on a fair each year for over 120,000 people from our community and surrounding areas with a paid staff of about 15. We try each year to bring the Community the biggest and best family friendly event we can, but this is only possible with support and volunteers from our community.

The success of our fairs each year is all because of supporters and volunteers like you.

Have you ever wondered how our exhibits get displayed, or who helps get the grounds ready? Ordinary people just like you are who – so if you have wondered or been curious or wanted to see something new or different then fill out the volunteer form and come help us out.

Say you are a business owner, and you have lots of equipment or skills but you don’t want to pay for advertising then fill out our supporter form and list what skills or equipment you might help us out with during fair we always need help refurbishing areas or buildings and we have never turned down the use of any equipment.

If you want to volunteer your time, please fill out the volunteer form, if you would like to help with equipment or your business skills, please fill out the equipment & services form. If you are more interested in monetary support with advertising for your business, then please fill out the Advertising form. We look forward to getting your forms and setting up a time to talk in person.

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